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Дешевые авиабилеты в Словакию

Словакия включена в шенгенское пространство, соответственно, россияне могут посетить данное государство только при наличии визы. Для ее оформления нужно подавать документы в консульский отдел посольства Словакии в Москве или генеральные консульства, расположенные в других городах России, но проще всего оформить словацкую визу, обратившись в «Первый визовый центр» в Казани. Сотрудники […]

In Singapore don`t like naked and smoking people

Singapore observes purity not only external, but also moral. Hhere it is even possible to receive a penalty of $1000 for the garbage thrown not in a ballot box, in Singapore it is impossible to appear naked anywhere. Even in your own room in hotel. If someone see you in […]

No snowballs throwing in Belgium

It`s easily  possible to pay a fine up to 100 euros for the harmless snowball which was thrown to other person. The Belgian authorities have considered that it is as dangerous to throw snowballs the same as throw stones. However, snow in Belgium drops out seldom therefore this strange law […]

In the UAE the transportation of alcohol to one of emirates — to the Sharjah is strictly treated. Even if bottles are sealed, you are threatened by a serious penalty, either prison, or deportation from the country without the right of return. In addition, it is impossible to import anything […]

No picnics in Emirates!

Emirates — the Muslim country where strictly observe traditions. In sacred month Ramadan locals have to observe a strict post: not to eat and not to drink during daylight hours. In the UAE all should follow these rules — no matter of their religion.  Food is prohibited in public places, […]

To Iran only with the covered head and earphones!

Iran — the Muslim country where honor all century traditions. Men can’t appear in shirts with short sleeves or t-shirts here, and to girls — in short dresses and without headdress. Not only locals, but also all tourists have to observe these traditions. If the woman appears in the public […]

For feeding of pigeons in Venice you can be fined $50−60!

Tourists love the well-known Piazza San Marco not only for a magnificent view, but also for an opportunity to be photographed with pigeons, they can be found there in uncountable quantity. Of course, to attract birds, tourists trying to feed them. Gradually it became tradition for each respecting traveler. «And […]

Prohibited for export in Thailand

From Thailand it is impossible to carry out of country objects with Buddha’s image or with national flag. Customs officers will pass only small charms and pictures, but everything that more than 12 centimeters — will be taken». Thais categorically against of using of they deity as souvenirs and home […]

Electronic cigarettes can bring you a big problems in Thailand

Instruction for tourists abroad: how to avoid violation of the rules which you didn’t even guess. The fact that it seems to us usual and trifling, somewhere will lead to a penalty or to prison term. Last week the staff of medical service company International SOS has submitted the interactive […]

Strange bans: what needs to be removed from a suitcase before flight

To go to prison for an electronic cigarette, to lose the quadcopter or the notable sum of money — most of bans on customs in many countries are not so obvious for tourists. Even the usual plastic bag can create serious problems. To transport drugs, weapon, a pornography, toxic agents […]

The Ritz Carlton Hotel is available again for bookings

Today opened for visitors the Ritz Carlton hotel in Riyadh which for several months became elite prison. Here for more than three months the Saudi princes, businessmen and ex-ministers detained on the case of corruption were held in custody. Since February 11 the Ritz Carlton hotel rooms are available for […]

Trip to Sankt-Petersburg

If your soul is paining — heal it with trip to Sankt-Petersburg! Russians have many reasons to love this city — special atmosphere of melancholy is spreading everywhere. Here you can`t  find no any vanities or haste, total composure is everywhere. You finally can sleep as long as you want as most […]