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Electronic cigarettes can bring you a big problems in Thailand

Electronic cigarettes can bring you a big problems in Thailand

Instruction for tourists abroad: how to avoid violation of the rules which you didn’t even guess. The fact that it seems to us usual and trifling, somewhere will lead to a penalty or to prison term.

Last week the staff of medical service company International SOS has submitted the interactive map of the world where have noted the most dangerous and safe countries for tourists. So, to Syria, Mali, Libya, Afghanistan, etc. they advise not to go, and here Finland, Norway and Iceland, according to them, it should be taken into account for obl

What is not welcomed in the different countries?

igatory visit, it is the safest there. However, even in, apparently, countries, popular with travelers, can wait for different trouble.

Tourists who use electronic cigarettes both on the street and at office, and houses, on vacation in Thailand can forget about them. The matter is that there it is forbidden to smoke electronic cigarettes and also to make and extend them.

You shouldn’t try to import the electronic cigarette into the country or «to smoke» it on the street: you can receive a penalty of one million baht (1,76 million rubles) for it or to end up in jail for a period of up to 10 years.

The law was entered because local managed to smoke amphetamines and spices through electronic sigarette. For reduction of the use of drugs electronic cigarettes had to be forbidden completely.

Recently in Pattaya have detained two Russian tourists: one of them has just removed from a bag an electronic cigarette which was noticed by police officers. Russians were kept in a police station by 1,5 days then they managed to leave on the security. Tourists have told that now on the solution of legal issues they will need about 300 thousand rubles (more than 5000$ dollars).

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