Strange bans: what needs to be removed from a suitcase before flight

Strange bans: what needs to be removed from a suitcase before flight

To go to prison for an electronic cigarette, to lose the quadcopter or the notable sum of money — most of bans on customs in many countries are not so obvious for tourists. Even the usual plastic bag can create serious problems.

To transport drugs, weapon, a pornography, toxic agents is forbidden practically everywhere. Many countries limit tourists in stocks of food, alcohol, cigarettes. But there are also unusual customs rules about which tourists better to know in advance.

Ten years in prison for an electronic cigarette
Since 2014 it isn’t allowed to import electronic cigarettes and hookahs into Thailand. «At restaurants and cafe hookahs don’t sell — there only smoke them. Therefore and because a hookah — the integral element of east culture, the police practically doesn’t touch such institutions» — the former head of department of fight against transnational crime in management of police of the province of Chon Buri the colonel in resignation Suttkhi Tkhipchok has told RIA Novosti.

With electronic cigarettes everything is much more serious. «According to the Thai legislation, import, use, storage and carrying in the territory of Thailand of electronic cigarettes and their analogs are forbidden. Violation attracts punishment in the form of a penalty of one million baht and/or imprisonment for up to 10 years» — the consular department the MFA of Russia in Korolevsta Thailand reports.

By the way, import of electronic cigarettes and also any devices imitating tobacco smoking isn’t allowed also in Singapore. Chewing gum in this city-state for a long time beyond the law.

Strange bans: what needs to be removed from a suitcase before flight

Quadcopters are under a ban!

The situation with drones in the different countries raises a set of questions for travelers. Somewhere it is possible to make video filming from drones, but it is careful, and somewhere there is a chance to go to it on money or even to jail.

We inform you that import of quadcopters to the territory of Vietnam is forbidden. After an arrival in the airport they are excepted and can be returned in case of embarkation — with a condition of payment of a left-luggage office for days of stay in the country.

The prohibition worked and earlier, but an opportunity to get permission after all was. Sometimes a kopter excepted and gave in case of departure free of charge. Now the left-luggage office will cost tourists hundreds of dollars.

Also do not let with drones to Uzbekistan!

However, at the beginning of February it became known that foreign creative groups can use unmanned aerial vehicles for preparation of a photo and video content about the tourist capacity of the country. But for this purpose special permission is required.

Strange bans: what needs to be removed from a suitcase before flight

With a plastic bag — along the red channel

In August of last year in Kenya the ban on plastic bags has come into force. Their production, sale or use can be punished by a penalty to 38 thousand dollars or imprisonment for up to four years.

Even it is necessary you will have to leave plastic bags from Duty Free at the airport!

Foreign guests who have a habit take the clothes packed into plastic bags or bathing accessories in the baggage need to be extremely attentive not to break an established order!

The tourists who visited this African country sharing their experience: «I passed customs along the green channel. About packages nobody asked us, I didn’t see that from someone they were taken away». «I arrived in Nairobi 26.10, at the exit of all checked, but not supertshchatelno».

Similar restrictions work also in some other countries of the African continent: for example, in Tanzania or Zanzibar.

And it is impossible to import bottled mineral water and also beer, soft drinks, champagne, fruit, vegetables, fabric into Nigeria.

Punishment — a penalty and imprisonment.

Stop to forgeries and gambling!

Switzerland actively fights against fakes. The Swiss customs officers are obliged to confiscate counterfeit watches or jewelry and if such found — destroy them.

Strange bans: what needs to be removed from a suitcase before flight

It is impossible to import fakes into many countries, but in Switzerland for watches is especially close attention. Besides, it is almost universal under a ban counterfeit money, and no matter if its local or foreign notes. China will stop also with «counterfeit» as that is toy weapon!

And in Tunisia on border will be problems with henna. The matter is that there were cases when under the guise of this harmless grass dye to the country delivered drugs.

Besides products (eggs, meat, fish, greens, vegetables, fruit), are forbidden to import sand and the soil into Australia. Moreover, insides of all planes arriving from abroad are disinfected.

The UAE will withdraw any devices for gamblings, and in the emirate Sharjah categorically under a ban alcohol.

The Cuban border isn’t allowed to be crossed with GPS navigators and means of satellite communication. In Northern Korea mobile phones, laptops and other devices are forbidden. They need to be brought in the declaration that there was an opportunity to return on the way back.

This is not the full list of bans! Before entry into any country it is better to specify rules in advance for crossing of border hasn’t brought unpleasant surprises!


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